Well to days inspiration of writing has come from a TED Case Study about Asia Golf and the Environment. The TED Case Study says that “Golf development is becoming one of the most unsustainable and damaging activities to people and the environment”. Who would have thought that the game of golf has come to this.

The golf trade in Asia has been creating a golf haven for golfers and an environmental nightmare for environmentalists. In Southeast Asia gold course have been created over virgin forests, just to get a good view or has forced farmers to sell their land, so some rich people can have a game or two. This is just not right or ethical. Golf courses are getting out of hand and are devastating the environment. The article I just read has brought up a good point that I have never thought about before. The only reason people do not see the damage caused by golf courses is because of the beauty of wear the golf course is located. The design and the view a golf courses have, seem to take your mind off of the environmental, social, and health problems that the game of golf brings.

I just don’t understand why it is so difficult in today’s world to get messages out and say enough is enough. This has to stop. I hate how everything is so political. It seems that the only way to get the message out is if a huge environmental devastation occurs or like a 100 or more people get killed. Like that is just retarded. I wish things were easier control.