This past week in class we have been talking about National Parks and Parks in general and how they have been environmentally damage over the years. This week’s article I found was perfect because it is about parks and how they want to damage them. A lobbyist for a major golf course developer is trying to build support for state legislation, to build public golf courses in five different state parks in Florida. Are these people insane or what. Do they not realize the damage this could cause. It is even more shocking they want to build in Parks. Like what the hell. This is land set aside for its beauty and they just are going to destroy it. Why someone would even considers this, is mind boggling. I believe that this should not go throw and whoever would want to destroy nature especially in a Parks. This is the kind of stuff that is shocking and should be well known to everyone so this can get stopped.

Well catch me next week if you like. See ya later.