Hi, again

I have finally picked a topic for my class. It is going to be environmental issues with golf courses. I pick this topic because I like to golf and would love to try new courses. So I am going to see all the issues cause by golf courses. The article I found, has taught me some key problems with golf courses.

Did you know that in recent years, new golf courses have been growing rapidly and are increasing in popularity.  The problems with golf courses are they deplete fresh water, the use of fertilizers, and the use of pesticides and herbicides. Depletion of fresh water can have a huge impact on ecosystems because in most causes golf courses are located in protected areas or were resources are limited. This will cause a shortage of resources and have massive impacts on the environment. Fertilizers used on golf courses can cause more nutrients then what local ecosystems can provide. This causes alien spices to invade, which will decrease the indigenous spices to the area. Finally, the use of a pesticides and herbicides; you would not think that these chemicals would have a butterfly effect t on ecosystems, but sadly they do. Pesticides and herbicides are supposed to stay confined in the golf courses to kill weeds and insets. Unfortunately they do not. The chemicals can get into water systems, causing them to spread immensely. This causes a problem with the food chain by reducing food consumption for animals. Honestly I would never think that a golf course could cause all this damage.  

Article: http://www.environment.co.za/golf-courses-polo-fields-effects/the-impact-of-golf-estates.htmlGolf